Community Sponsored Shepherding (CSSP)

Hang It For the Holidays and Use It In The New Year!
These fantastic wreaths are designed using some of our finest yarn and rovings and then topped off with vintage knitting needles. The yarn or roving is easily removed so that you may knit or spin with it after the holidays.

New 'ready to ship' wreaths will be added daily as we complete them.

Order from items in stock for immediate delivery, or
for hand dyed yarn and roving wreaths choose your preferred colorway and we will custom dye the yarn or roving for you.

Click on the "Custom Dyed Sock Wreath" item below to make color choices.

Delivery on custom dyed wreaths will be a minimum of two weeks, so order early to receive it in time for Christmas!

Prices vary according to yarn type and total yardage. Click on an item to see yarn specifics and yardage.

Skye Sea Garden Sock Yarn Wreath

Amish Nights Roving Wreath

Rainbow Roving Wreath

Santa Fe Roving Wreath

Marsh Hare Roving & Parrot Mohair Boucle Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

Emerald Holiday Wreath

Custom Dyed Yarn Wreaths

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